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This is how 220g T-shirts are produced

GOTS certified Organic Cotton

We use only organic cotton material for our T-shirts. This is a GOTS certified material, meaning the highest organic cotton assurance and quality. Through user interviews we found out that the preferred T-shirts material weight starts at 220 grams per square meter (gsm). That is also the reason why our company is called 220g. Our T-shirts are heavy weight and durable - the fabric characteristic reaching 255 gsm. The yarn is sourced from Turkey, while the fabric is knitted in Lithuania.

Researched designs

When designing the perfect T-shirt we paid attention to these key aspects:

- The T-shirt should be a durable piece of clothing in itself

- The fit should be in good balance between loose and tight - it should be an item that can be worn every day on many different occasions, without sacrificing the comfort of our users

- Our models should be 'classics' that can reflect the 'wardrobe foundation' concept 

High quality production

We are working very closely with our manufacturer in Lithuania - and holding face to face meetings almost every week. Our manufacturer is a highly automated factory in Lithuania, focused on producing according to the highest standards, and giving the best working  conditions for its' employees. It has been recognised as one of the most transparent businesses in Lithuania, according to the rigorous "White wave" standard.

Seasonless Wardrobe Foundation

220g is a company that produces high quality wardrobe foundation items. We focus on timeless clothing, which comes in permanent collections - no seasons, so once you find the right item - you will be able to buy it again when you need it.

It does not mean that we will not keep innovating though - the T-shirts will be improved like your favourite software product - hence if we find an opportunity to perfect and make the fit even more good looking and comfortable - we will make an iteration in the design and launch the new product. 


 We care about the waste 220g generates both before and after the point of sale. We are continuously working to minimise the waste and maximise the lifetime of any fabric fibre entering our process.

- Waste generated during Cutting - Measuring - Sewing (CMS) process: These are clean new fabric scraps, which are being recycled in Lithuania. From this waste our partners are producing cleaning mops and insulation materials for home. 

- The other waste is the actual T-shirt, once it has been worn off by you: One the T-shirt is worn off - please get in touch with us at info@220g.co, so that we can provide you with the information on how we would like you to return the T shirt. The collected T-shirt then will be used to recycle into a new cotton yarn, so that new fabric can be knitted and used for new material production. All together tying into an aspirational waste minimising loop.

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