Recycling is an important aspect of 220g. Our aim is to build a waste minimising production loop, which gives our users a peace of mind about the impact that their clothing makes post-wear.

​We don't want our customers to throw away 220g T-shirts after wearing them - we want them to return them to us so we can add them to our collection process and control the recycling of the items.

Our recycling partner in Spain will be helping us to deliver on this promise. The partner will recycle our 220g post-wear clothing, blend it together with the new virgin cotton and produce new cotton yarn, which 220g then will be using to knit new fabric and produce new 220g clothing.


Wear-off the T-shirt


Come back to


Order T replacement


Return the old T-shirt

Unfortunately the current stage of recycling technologies does not allow a new yarn to be produced 100% from recycled clothing yet, as the fibers are not durable enough post-wear - that's why virgin cotton is still involved. Nevertheless, this will already reduce the waste impact that the worn-off clothing would create otherwise.

Due the the economics involved, we will be gathering a critical amount of post-wear 220g T-shirts, and then shipping them in for recycling. Therefore there will be a certain timeline between the moment our customers will receive the 220g T-shirts into their hands, and the moment, the first recycled cotton T-shirts will be available on 220g.

Once the T-shirt is worn off - come back to - get the new T at a member discount price and once the new T reaches you - put the old one in the replacement package. When purchasing the T - please mark that you will be making the return!

The collected T-shirts then will be used to recycle into a new cotton yarn, so that new fabric can be knitted and used for new material production. All together tying into an aspirational waste minimising loop.

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