220g T-shirt with your company's logo

It's nice to give your employees a company-branded T-shirt. It's even nicer when the T-shirt would be worn by the employees outside of work too! With 220g we are creating an offering which allows to stitch your company's logo on the T, and keep the green edge.

Collection T-shirts

You can mix & match any model from the 220g Collection

Stitched logo

Your logo will be stitched - the most reliable and high quality method

Customised spot

Standard uni-colour 15cm x 15cm logo, can be placed anywhere on the T-shirt

Here are some companies that got their company branded 220g T-shirts already: 

Our minimum order size is 4 T-shirts. You can order your company batch right away by e-mailing us at info@220g.co.
Let us know which 220g T-shirt models and in which sizes you will want to order, as well as have your company logo in .ai or .psd format ready. We will confirm with you the colour, size and placement of the logo and get your T-shirts ready to get your team on the green edge! Welcome to the loop!

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